Taming the Outback

Taming the Outback - Ann B. Harrison What a great story! I loved the characters and the setting. Strong willed
Libby inherits a station and encounters her annoying neighbor Nathan. Tempers and sparks fly! The secondary characters were great and added to the story.
This is the first book I've read by this author and I will definitely read any upcoming releases!


Jacaranda - Mandy Magro What a great read! Loved it! Had me crying and laughing at times.

Outback Gold

Outback Gold - Ann B. Harrison Outback Gold was a great read! I could relate to the heroin and the plot line was believable. The romance and drama between Stacey and Morgan kept me turning the pages, as did a twist in the story that I didn't see coming. The scenery and the struggling community were described so well I felt like I was there.

Outback Gold was another great romantic read from Ann B. Harrison. I can't wait to read more Outback themed books from her!

The Flower Reader

The Flower Reader - Elizabeth Loupas I really liked this book! I love reading historical fiction and this book had a nice twist with the flower reading. The plot was well paced and I couldn't put the book down. (I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads)

Coming Home

Coming Home - Ann B. Harrison Another great read from Ms. Harrison. It was a little different than her previous novels. While the steamy scenes were there, there was also more romance. I like how flowing the three, well almost four, story lines are told. The three siblings each facing their own demons and I found myself rooting for each one of them to find a happy end. As an animal lover, I was in tears at a point during Rooney's story. I really enjoyed "Coming Home" and wish it was longer. I fell in love with the characters and would love a sequel to find out where life is taking them.

I can not wait to read more from this brilliant author!

Fighter Boy

Fighter Boy - Ann B. Harrison I wanted more of the fighter boys and I got it! The chemistry between Ryan and Teddy is very intense and sizzling and kept me turning the pages! I was captivated with the story line and the development of the characters.

I really enjoyed reading it and can't wait for the next book in the series! Another great read by Ann B. Harrison!

Two for One (The Club, #1)

Two for One (The Club, #1) - Ann B. Harrison Sizzling hot!!! Ladies if you like steamy, this is for you! I'm still melting. Read it in one sitting. I just had to find out how the story would end. I need more of the fighter boys. The development of the characters was great. Didn't expect a back story like that for the boys. I usually don't read erotica, but it is so well written I just couldn't put it down.

Yet another great book by Ann B. Harrison. Can't wait to read more.

From the Outback

From the Outback - Ann B. Harrison Another great Outback romance from Ann B Harrison. I got caught up in this story line strait away. Strong willed Sami inherits a property from her grandfather. With her brother Garth in tow she moves next door to Mason, the sexy vineyard owner. Tempers and sparks fly. The tension and romantic connection between Sami and Mason were sizzling and kept me turning the pages.

I can't wait to read more books from this wonderful author.

Family Secrets (Davenport Manor #1)

Family Secrets (Davenport Manor #1) - Melissa Zaroski What a great debut novel by this author! I got drawn into the story right away. Great plot with a lot of twists and surprises. The tension and romantic connection between Todd and Emma were sizzling. The secondary characters were great and added to the story. I truly enjoyed it and can't wait to read the next book by this author.

Instant Families

Instant Families - Ann B. Harrison Instant Families was another great read by Ann B. Harrison. I was hooked after the first chapter and couldn't put it down. The drama and romantic connection between Sara and Jake kept me turning the pages. The secondary characters were great and added to the story. I really enjoyed it!

I never want her stories to end and can't wait to read her next novel!

Outback Thunder

Outback Thunder - Ann B. Harrison What a fantastic read! I got caught in the story line right from the start. The story flows really well and the chemistry between Zoe and Jonas was great (and steamy). This is the third book I've read by Ann B. Harrison and I can't wait for her next novel!

A Bush Christmas

A Bush Christmas - Margareta Osborn What a fabulous read! The story pulled me in from the first page. I couldn't wait to find out, how the chemistry between Jamie and Sterling developed, and I even caught myself laughing a couple of times. A great book to relax with!

A Mistress for Magnus

A Mistress for Magnus - Ann B. Harrison Usually I stay away from the mistress type stories, but having read other books by this author I took a chance. Glad I did! Kate is desperate, drowning in debt. Her only option is to take up Magnus on his offer to be his mistress for 6 months. While the story was short, I was hooked from the start. You could feel the characters tension and the scenes between Kate and Magnus were steamy.
Looking forward to more of her books!

North Star

North Star - Karly Lane I love this novel! It has all the right ingredients for me to make a great story. The rural setting, a little suspense and mystery, a heroin strong enough to face all the obstacles put in her way, with her friends standing by her and a man fighting for and with her.North Star was an easy read and I got so wrapped up in the story, that I stayed up latest night to finish. Looking forward to another great book from Karly Lane!

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